The Man Behind

Dear All,

Kashmiri artifacts have always been known world wide for its ability to communicate a sense of awe via its traditional history. As I was engaged in my carpet export business for the last forty years, I somewhere yearned to showcase the true finesse of Kashmir artifacts to different audiences, who admire authenticity. 

However, I observed that there was a significant lack of trust amongst buyers- be it a tourist in the country, a home decorator, or a designer himself; in terms of buying authentic Kashmiri products, and a hesitation prevailed over the love for this art. 

Thus, with this inherent value system, embedded in Meraas, and a focus on individual and community well being, where design integrity and authenticity of the products remains paramount, Meraas as a brand has taken the initiative to preserve the original Kashmiri art form. 

Today, our exclusive brand showroom in Ghittorni, New Delhi is regularly being visited and admired by audiences from different walks of life. A great design, which is handmade, is difficult to describe, you often know it when you see one and Meraas does tend to take the onlooker’s breath away, as we aim for ‘wow.’

Abdul Quayoom Trumboo