Design Philosophy

“Breaking the stereotype of luxury labels in the contemporary world with authentic piece de resistance created by the human hand.”

Luxury has become one of the most clichéd words in the lifestyle-marketing lexicon.  For us at Meraas, our core design philosophy of “exclusivity” is a counterpoint to the increasing pace of modern life.  

Simply meaning, what you get at Meraas are individual pieces of our artist’s handiwork. If you own a Meraas, no one else would have the “exact same design.” There would always be a difference of certain percentage in any of our artifacts because each piece is handmade.

Our designs arise from the artistic sensibilities and the cultural heritage that the artisans carry in their bosoms.  Since there is no standardized process of how these designs need to be created, there is a level of certainty where the outcome is aesthetically pleasing. It often creates moments of delight when customers encounter our work. Thus, our products evoke a sense of empathy and acts as a conduit, where the décor items become art pieces.