About Us

Meraas is a handcrafted brand, which is the result of the exquisite manifestation of the artisan’s craftsmanship at the highest level. The brand is soaked in heritage, curated by the finesse of Kashmiri artistry spanning generations when it comes to Persian inspired silk carpets, exotic Pashmina Shawls, Walnut wood designer furniture and intriguing paper mache products.

Breaking the monotone of luxury labels in the contemporary world, the brand adorns authentic Kashmiri and Persian artifacts, which are individually piece de resistance created by the human hand.

Embodying the original style of Persian art and crafted by highly skilled Kashmiri artisans, the cornucopia of products at Meraas is a dream come true for any lover of interior design. Meraas is a treasure trove for authentic and exotic craftsmanship, all handmade. Since every design is unique and extraordinary in Meraas, naturally evolving from the artisan’s creativity, influenced by generations of inherited knowledge and enveloped by the sophistication of the brand, it naturally speaks volumes of the brand’s heritage.

The fact that every individual piece in Meraas can never be duplicated, as it is hand crafted or be created via regimented technical process, the value of each product becomes a connoisseur’s delight.